Child Custody Lawyers Mercer County NJ

Hire The Right Child Custody Lawyers In Mercer County NJ

Child custody is by itself extremely complicated. It is a known fact that child custody is part of another complex issue that may either be your divorce or a painful breakup. Speak to the Mercer County NJ lawyers to know what makes this proceeding complex. Your Mercer County NJ lawyers will highlight that if it was not for the Mercer County NJ divorce or the difference of opinion between unmarried couples, child custody will never have arisen as a legal dispute between the parties.

When one claims that custody disputes in Mercer County NJ are complex, it is not a mere statement mentioned just like that, assert the Mercer County lawyers. If one looks at the divorce cases filed in Mercer County NJ, it can be clearly proved that child custody was a major issue in those divorces. It can also be rightly stated that child custody was one of the most intricate issues that the court had to rule on. Given the complicated nature of child custody issues, you have no choice but to take the assistance of the proficient Mercer County NJ lawyers. You may decide that you do not want the support of the Mercer County NJ lawyers and that you are qualified and brilliant to handle the child custody case by yourself without the assistance of the adept Mercer County NJ lawyers. However, you should bear in mind that your opposing party is not going to do that. He/she will want to make the perfect decision as far as child custody is concerned. When the opposing party appears in court with the full-fledged support of highly qualified Mercer County NJ lawyers, fear of losing the custody case may throttle you.

If the dispute was such that it was like a duel, man to man, you directly arguing the custody case with your spouse, then your decision of not taking the support of the experienced Mercer County NJ lawyers can be justified. However, the system does not work like that.

Your spouse or partner is not going to take the matter into their hands and fight for child custody by self-representation in a matter that is extremely vital, without professional support from skilled Mercer County NJ lawyers. It is important that you be as shrewd as your spouse is and take the support of proficient Mercer County NJ lawyers.
Child Custody Lawyers Mercer County NJ

Jurisdiction Issues Can Be Extremely Complicated; You Can Never Deal With It By Yourself!!

Imagine a situation where you have proceeded to file for child custody in a specific county and are waiting for the hearing of the custody case but the case is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. This can shock any individual who has believed that he/she has filed the custody case in the correct forum. This situation happens every now and then to clients who make the wrong decision of filing the child custody case without retaining the experienced Mercer County NJ lawyers.

On speaking to your Mercer County NJ lawyers you will understand that jurisdiction is a complex technical issue that can be properly dealt with by only experienced professionals. Someone appearing for a child custody case for the first time is bound to make mistakes. It is a fact that the filing process is different in each county. The lawyers who have represented several cases in Mercer County NJ will be well acquainted with the procedures of the court and the filing system while you as someone filing your child custody case without expert help will find yourself facing hurdles at every step of the process.

If jurisdiction is not properly established the court will dismiss your child custody case, warn the NJ lawyers. There are child custody cases that involve two states and even two countries. When two countries are involved your lawyers will inform you that there is a need to reflect on whether the other country is a Hague Convention State. When two States in the U.S. are involved, your lawyers will check the UCCJEA provisions to decide which state is the home state of the child for purpose of the custody dispute. Establishing that NJ is the home state is a complex matter and the assistance of proficient Mercer County NJ lawyers is essential.

These aspects are beyond the understanding of clients who are filing their own custody cases in Mercer County NJ. For more information on filing your child custody case in the competent court with jurisdiction, you should speak to your Mercer County NJ lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C.

Decisions Are Based On The Child’s Interests

When you decide to proceed by yourself in your custody case without help from lawyers you fail to understand what exactly the court focuses on for ordering child custody. The only factor that dominates all other factors in a Mercer County NJ child custody case is the child’s well being. If you represent without taking the assistance of the Mercer County NJ lawyers you will only be projecting your part of the story and how well you can take care of your child. You will be unaware that the Court has no interest in knowing your story. The Mercer County NJ court wants to know what the perfect arrangement for the children is. You may not know the fact that the court will look for the best interests of the child and you may be presenting all the wrong arguments, thus deviating from your goal to win child custody. While you may not know that the court wants to ensure the best interests of the child, your opposing lawyers in Mercer County NJ will know this fact by experience. Also, your Mercer County NJ lawyers if you decide to hire them will be well acquainted with the grounds to prove in court to establish that the child’s best interest will be served by granting child custody to you.

Even if a spouse was wealthy and had all the material possessions that one may need, the single factor the court looks for is whether the child will be happy with this wealthy parent who has all the money but cannot spend quality time with the child. In such custody cases, the court gives importance to the requirement for a parent to spend time with the child. Ask your lawyers whether your case qualifies for a positive child custody decision.

Similarly, even if a parent was not working and was staying at home and had all the time in the world to spend quality time with the children if there is proof that the child’s scores improved when residing with the other parent who was offering better opportunities for the development of the personality of the child, the court proceeds to grant custody to the other parent. Your Mercer County NJ lawyers will notify that in these cases the court compares the location of parents, the proximity to school, the possibility of being involved in unique extra-curricular activities, and the bonding with siblings. To know the possibilities of obtaining a favorable custody order, you should take the help of the adept Mercer County NJ lawyers.

Experienced Mercer County NJ lawyers are aware as to what should be proved to get a favorable order. Contact the proficient Mercer County NJ lawyers to know what proof to collect to prove that you are a better parent. You may have to go over documents comprising of several years and may still not be confident that you have made a thorough review of the documents. To do away with such doubts you need to contact the Mercer County NJ lawyers for quick solutions.

Never Exhibit Argumentative Behavior In The Presence Of Your Kids

On retaining qualified Mercer County NJ lawyers you will be warned about why you should never behave rudely in the presence of your kids. It is a known fact that such behavior from the parent depicts poor parenting skills and can lead to sole child custody being granted to the opposing counsel. A parent arguing in the presence of children is another factor that will make things unfavorable in court, assert the Mercer County NJ custody lawyers.

The period between the divorce and the separation is the most crucial period for a couple. Your Mercer NJ lawyers will explain that it is during this period that couples tend to have heated discussions. Everything which seemed normal during the marriage is a reason to quarrel. Parents seem to be waiting for an opportunity to prove the other party wrong. Clients tend to do make all the wrong moves during this period that can turn against them in their case. To avoid such a situation, contact the Mercer County NJ lawyers to know what to do and what not to do.

It is important for you to understand that regardless of how brilliant or confident you may be, anything involving your family is sure to tear you apart. You lose confidence and are no longer the person you once were. In this situation, it is advisable to seek help from experienced Mercer County NJ lawyers. Our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. can provide quick solutions.